10 Interesting Facts about Christmas

Christmas is an important day for Christian around the world. People celebrated Christmas as a symbol of the birth of the Christ and they celebrated it with Parties, gifts, free foods and drinks. Nearly one in every three people in the World celebrate Christmas. There are around 2.1 billion Christians around the world. In the United States Ninety-five percent of the people celebrate Christmas In this post, I am going to talk about top 10 interesting facts about Christmas that perhaps only view people know and you are not one of them.

1. At first Churches did not celebrate the birth of Christ until 200 AD. On that time, Alexandria Theologian decided to mark the birth of the Christ as the major event for all Catholics and Christians every 20th may By 380s, Pope in Rome decided to mark the birth of the Christ on 25th December. View decades afterwards; Pagan communities marked 25th December as the birth of the SUN of God.

2. The Tradition of Caroling on the street was started by rich businessmen from England who employed singer group to accompany their perambulations. The custom grew into different types of Choruses and we wish you a merry Christmas are the most popular one. Today this practice can be seen all around the world.

3. The first man who printed Christmas card was Sir Henry Cole from England in 1843. He was a busy man who had desired to save a Christmas spirit on a Christmas letters.

4. Gift gifting customs send Christmas cards, and other Christmas customs are not available only in the capitalism era. Since the time of ancient Rome, these traditions already available and people share gifts to respect the goddess of New Year Eve name Strenia.

5. History of the Christmas tree begun in 16th century and A German preacher named Martin Luther who started that tradition. One Christmas night, he brought a Christmas tree home because he saw the tree branches glittering stars and it was so beautiful so that after he brought it home, he told his kids that the Christmas tree is a reminder of Jesus Christ who abandoned stars in Heaven to bless all people on earth

6. in 1644 in England, the tradition of Christmas was banned base on the act of Parliament on that year. Christmas customs also were not allowed by the puritans and outlawed in Boston from 1659-1681. Governor Sir Edmund Andros was the one who revoked all the Christmas customs in 1681.

7. Did Santa live? Yes, he was. His name was St. Nicholas and he was a good priest who loved to give gifts and help the poor. By the 16th century, In Europe, the stories and traditions related to St. Nicholas nearly gone and one came with an idea to create a new figure of present deliverer to children every Christmas night. In UK, the new figure of Christmas present deliverer was created and he was called the "father Christmas. in France, father Christmas character was renamed Pere Wier . In Germany, Pere Neel' was renamed to be Christ Kind or the Christ Child. In U.S.A. Pere Noel' was renamed to be Kris Kringle' and last, Dutch settlers in US input the story and traditions of St. Nicholas back and Kris Kringle' was changed to be 'Sinter Klas' and than Santa Claus.

8. It is untrue that Christian has taken a Milthras cult belief to mark the birth of the Christ in December 25 In reality, Mithras cult had taken view Christian tradition into their custom and the belief has spread widely following the growth of Milthra's cult believers. Moreover, tradition-adoring shepherds did not available in Miltra's custom until the Virgin Birth of Christ spread throughout the world. In other word, paganism stole from Christianity and not the way round

9. Some people think that Xmas is not correct but actually they don't know that X in Greek language is pronounced 'Christos' and the means in Christ

10. The tradition of give and receive presents in Christmas day is a reminder to All Isaac followers about the time when 3 wise men gave 3 presents to him: Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold. Frankincense is a Jewish worshippers perfume and the gift was a sign that one day people would worship him, Gold symbolizes that Isaac will be the kings of kings and Myrrh, a perfume to aromatized dead body, symbolized that Isaac would suffer and die.

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