Dolphin Facts

Dolphins are meat eaters or carnivores. The dolphin can eat up to thirty three pounds of fish each day! Lucky for them they don't get fat and can easily maintain their beautiful figure.

Dolphins have a strong senses : Move over Hooch, there's a new kid in town! Dolphins have been found to have very strong senses and can detect bombs, with a little training. The US Army actually uses dolphins to detect bombs in dangerous waters of the Middle East

Dolphins are a lot like humans this is because the dolphin has evolved in similar ways as the human. Who know's how long before they take over the world!

The killer 'whale', actually isn't a whale at all, but instead, is classified as the dolphin family's largest member. That's why killer whales are surprisingly intelligent and are trained to be stars at various aquarium shows. The Yangtze River dolphin recently became extinct mostly due to human behavior

The dolphins communicate with each other with clicking, whistling and other sounds. Next time you shoot dirty looks because of some cat calls, just make sure there isn't a dolphin around!

facts about dolphinsDolphins are the bats of the sea.They use echolocation to navigate around in the water.

Dolphins actually evolved from land animals ! Seems like they thought they were too good for land and decided to shift residence to water forever!

Dolphins sleep while they are awake ! Dolphins may just have discovered how to fall asleep with nobody noticing. Since they need to be conscious to breathe, they let one part of their brain sleep at a time, so they are never really unconscious but they still manage to give their brain a rest.

Dolphins don't drink salt water! they may swim around all day, but they certainly cannot drink salt water. It's too salty. Most of the water they need they get from their food.

The bottlenose dolphin is the most common kind of dolphin there is

Dolphins don't chew: If you always had to be reminded to chew your food before you swallowed, you're not the only one. Despite their 100 teeth dolphins never chew their food. They just swallow it !

Dolphins have two stomachs : Maybe the key to their healthy figure is the fact that dolphins, like cows, have two stomachs. One stomach stores food while the other stomach digests the food.

What do dolphins and cattle have in common? Their names !A male dolphin is called a bull, a female dolphin is called a cow and the young one of a dolphin is called a calf.

Dolphins have a long pregnancy period : If you thought 9 months was too long, you can think again. Dolphins have a pregnancy period of 11 to 17 months!

Some species of dolphins have a unicorn like tusk: If you're looking for unicorns, your search ends here. The Narwhal Dolphin has a single tusk that, when they are immersed up to their necks, makes them look like unicorns in the water.

Dolphins cry : Dolphins have feelings too! Dolphins secrete tear like liquids from their eyes. Unlike humans, the only function these tears perform is to clear the dolphins eye and help them to see better.

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